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--- Quote from: healthybratt on February 09, 2007, 11:40:26 AM ---My skin used to do this a little bit.  Probably not to the exent you are describing, but I also used to itch all over and the doc prescribed antihistamines and unfortunately for me they didn't work because they make me itch worse.  Anyway, I have posted a lot more information on my symptoms and how I solved the problem on another thread.

Your Shampoo Might Be Your Problem:  Going "No Poo".

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Thanks HB!
I am going to read through that.
It certainly seems like a good idea to get rid of chemicals wherever possible.
He is willing to try almost anything so I bet he would go for going " no poo"
Thanks.  I appreciate t.

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Just a note.  This was a contributor in my case but not the only one.  I've found that if you have another problem such as candida (very possible in your husband's case) that SLS and other chemicals can exacerbate the problem.  With 100% healthy liver and gut, these chemicals might not bother the average person because the body is able to process and waste them as it was designed, but when the immune system is compromised as is generally the case in candida and leaky gut, these chemicals can cause exaggerated symptoms and further compromise the immune system.  This leaves a person vulnerable to other problems in the future if they are not corrected.  Also, if you go SLS free, don't forget about your laundry soap, his shaving cream, soft hand soap, baby soap (bathing the kids), & toothpaste.  There are several threads on it throughout the forum on how to eliminate and replace these items in your home.

Hey, guess what.  I went to the allergist today and he says I have the worst [acute] case of dermographism he's ever seen.  I heard him tell the other doc and he called all of the nurses in to take a look.

He scratched me (the test) and 15 minutes later, my entire back was on fire, and covered in welts.  They gave me an epinephrine shot to reverse the effects - yahoo.  Ever have one of those days when you feel like you've drank 27 cups of coffee in 30 seconds or less?   :o

Anyway, suffice to say, the doc told me that it was a weakening of the mast cells in the dermal layer.  This causes a person to have an allergic reaction to nothing more than touch.

It's related to cytokines, histamines, neuropeptides & inflammation.

Here's a good article on the immune system and the inflammatory responses that might also give you some insight into the matter.

Immune Restoration

I've noticed over the course of several weeks that certain foods cause a flare up, but don't seem to be consistent with a normal allergic reaction.  After chatting with the doc and a couple of friends, I've come to the conclusion that it's the inflammatory qualities in the foods that cause the inflammation to flare up and cause the skin to be more sensitive to contact.  Having all of this in mind, on the recommendation of Forevergirl, I've ordered the books Win the War Within and Inflammation Nation by Dr. Floyd Chilton & Laura Tucker to get more information on foods that cause inflammation.

What I do know is that omega 6 fats are very inflammatory and omega 3 fats are just the opposite, so until you can get well versed in an antiinflammatory diet, I would recommend uping the dose of Cod Liver Oil (Omega 3) and avoiding things containing the omega 6 fats as much as possible.

I'll update as I know more.

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Uuuuugh! NOW I have to go and skin brush just to keep the skin from crawling. Oh, do I have sympathy itching for you now. Let me know what you think of the Inflammation Nation book. Praying that you feel better very soon.

HB, what do you think has compromised your immune system and triggered these flare ups? Was it gradual or a sudden onset?

Thanks for the great pics. This info will help so many people. What a trooper!

wow heathlybratt, are those you?  Do they hurt or just look like you've been flogged?  My skin makes little marks when I scratch, but not all the time and never welts.  Maybe I should pay more attention to the times it does and find a link. 

HB, As always I will be looking forward to your research. I had briefly read on cytokines, but haven't followed it up yet.  What you said about inflammation and Omega 6's and 3's sparked something in my brain though. Isn't Evening Primrose Oil and Omega 6?  Lately my son's diet has had a LOT more Omega 3's and his skin is doing better... :) But I had also been giving him an EPO a day which I'm wondering if I ought to cut out b/c of the inflammation factor.... He has been CRAVING canned sardines & salmon all the time!! Today he ate nearly a whole large sized can of salmon & a whole can of sardines!!  HB, I hope your skin will get better soon too. Is there a list online of the foods that cause "inflammation"?


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